Lxd process high cpu usage


I had a host with a lxd process taking 150-250% cpu usage on top, continuously.
The machine load was 15.
I restarted the lxd daemon and the cpu load used by the new process was 0% and the machine load dropped to 5.
75 running vm on the host.

Anyone saw this already ?
I could not find anything special on the lxd logs.

What version of LXD were you running at the time?

On this host, version 2.17

That’s a pretty unusual version to have and also one which I believe is indeed affected by the very bug you’re describing. I’d strongly recommend you move to LXD 2.21 which would have the fix for a bug that matches your symptoms.

Ok I updated to 2.21, I should have checked before asking sorry.
Thank you