Lxd profiles location


hello i am looking to make a script that automatically created lxd profiles and edits in the right configuration but i cannot seem to find where the profiles are stored could anyone lead me in the right place?

There are no file representations of profiles or any LXD configuration, it’s all stored in the database and should only ever be changed using the API.

To create LXD profiles through scripting, just script around:

  • lxc profile create NAME
  • lxc profile edit NAME < content.yaml

How would i be able to edit one line of the config lets say the parent line?
like change the value of parent from “eno1” to “eno1.5”

config: {}
description: points to public
name: eth0
nictype: macvlan
parent: eno1
type: nic
path: /
pool: default
type: disk
name: macvlan

Solved with this command

lxc profile device set macvlan eth0 parent eno1.5