[LXD] Shared mount between linux host and windows guest


First of all, here is a bit of context:

The game runs fine through wine, its just updating it (i.e. getting the latest files) that has issues.

These being said, here are my ideas and where I am stuck:

  1. Use LXC to spin up a Win10 VM → managed to do this just fine and it works great
  2. Install battle.net inside the win10 guest → all good
  3. Share a directory between linux host and win10 guest so we can point win10 guest to download the files inside that directory
  4. Run Battle.net and get the game on win10 guest
  5. Use wine to run the game on host

I am stuck when trying to mount the directory betwen the host and win10 guest :smiley: What do I need to do in order to share a directory between the host and guest?

I did try the usual lxc config device add win10 wow disk source=/home/$USER/WoW path=/wow but cannot figure for the life of me where the disk is inside the guest. I haven’t used Windows in 10+ years so I don’t even know where to start.


I managed to “solve” this by using a sambashare.

Installed sambaclient on Host. Shared folder of game via sambashare on Guest. Mounted the samba folder as a volume on the Host (mount -t cifs ...) and rsynced from it the game files (cannot play from directly on it as it would require for me to always have the vm running and would be a waste of resources).

Works like a charm! Would love to find a more lxd way with the mounting.