Lxd snapshot is creating a empty folders

i would like to know why i am doing a snapshot and i am getting empty folders, in both folders

  • /var/lib/lxd/snapshot/ /container-snapshot <---------- empty

  • /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/local/snapshots/</<---------- empty

i am running with lxc snapshot example_container example_snapshot
thank in advance

I’m assuming you’re using ZFS, LVM or CEPH, in which case the /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/POOL/snapshots will always be empty as the snapshots don’t appear as filesystem objects.

/var/lib/lxd/snapshot is used when a snapshot is mounted, which it very rarely is. This gets temporarily used during lxc snapshot, lxc publish and some lxc file operations against a snapshot.

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mmm ok thanks , So what should I do if is not to much to ask

i think i did create a pool for storase if i well remenber, when i started lxd ini

Yeah, you have a storage pool and that storage pool doesn’t mount the snapshots, so what you’re getting is perfectly normal.

You can make snapshots, restore them, create containers from them, … Not having them be visible on the filesystem doesn’t prevent any of that and users are usually not expected to go poke at those things directly anyway.

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in fact i have to copy this container to another machine hahaha then i can’t? or i have to reconfigure lxd?

in the end i did this while the containers were running and is mount on the filesystem and i manually copied it and recreate the same in other machine despite all thanks i am so sorry if my stupid knowledge is that bad have a great day i wish you all the best.