LXD VM management

currently setting up lxd VMs to for a kubernetes cluster
the 100 pod limit has pushed us into using Vmson a physcial server that could do more than 100 pods
seems like a lot of options on the vm management side, e.g. vmware, xen, kvm, maas

vmware -tried and true but expensive
xen - aws uses it so must be good
kvm - not sure where it’s going, not the best tools but seems reliable
maas - seems very new and a long way to go to catch up to vmware

I would appreciate comments on this

Maybe you could share what kind of “management” you are looking for / expect?

Ideally features like vmware vsphere would be nice. I will try using MAAS. Just wondering what other tools people are using to manage LXD VMs (not containers), i.e., for creating VMs, modifying, monitoring

Seen my project LXDMosaic ?

I come from a vmware background & id like to think its somewhat like vcenter (LXD would be vsphere) but obviously its nowhere near as feature complete, stable or as expansive as the vmware family of products.

Wow that looks great. I will try it out. thank you very much