LXD VM - Storage problem inside VM

I found another problem.
My VM now tells me it has no more space to do anything, and when I ran “df -H” i found this:

It seems that 9p is consuming nearly all my available space, while the main path only gets 4G, which is of course full now.

storage pool of the vm:

description: “”
driver: zfs
name: two_zfs
space used: 10.88GB
total space: 96.74GB

More information:
Image in use:

System Info (Host):
OS: Debian Testing
Kernel: 5.5.0-1-amd64
LXD: 4.0.1 (snap)

VMs don’t automatically grow when you make them larger than the image it was created from.

Install something like growpart and run:

  • growpart /dev/sda 2
  • reboot
  • resize2fs /dev/sda2

So that it grows to fill the entire disk.

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Ok, will try tomorrow.

But isn’t the original image (size) not a bit small then?
(or some kind of value to simulate the size?)

Is the automatic increasing a possible feature in the future?

All VM images we produce are 4GB large so they can be placed on volumes of 5GB or larger.

The images that include cloud-init have some logic to auto-resize, the others do not and need manual work by the user.

It’s too small. I think 25G is ok