Lxd windows container

Could any one really help me? I am stack in this issue long days. Plz

My LXD server X11 Forwarding yes and also install bellow service

apt-get install virt-viewer
apt-get install spice-client-gt
apt install -y libguestfs-tools wimtools remmina-plugin-spice virt-viewer

But when I am going to setup windows VM facing error.

sudo distrobuilder repack-windows Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso Win10_20H2_English_x64_distrobuilder.iso
lxc init win10 --empty --vm -c security.secureboot=false
lxc config device override win10 root size=30GiB
lxc config device add win10 iso disk source=/path/to/iso/Win10_20H2_English_x64_distrobuilder.iso boot.priority=10
lxc start win10 --console=vga
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

(remote-viewer:2776540): Gtk-WARNING **: 06:18:34.511: cannot open display:

Hmm, instead of SSH with X11 forwarding to the server, it tends to be better to run the lxc client tool on your remote machine.

I’m not sure why X11 isn’t working for you on the server, could be an issue with how SSH sets up that redirection. Can you show:

  • env
  • netstat -lnp