LXDMosaic: Ports and Shell problems

Everything was OK when lxdmosaic is started for the first time. But after restarting the server, I met some problems.

Host: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Instance: Ubuntu 20.04
Installation method: Snap
Version: 0+git.63fff8c

Problem 1: After restart, I cannot access lxdmosaic from the default port (80/443). I adjusted the ports to 81 and 444, and it worked.

Problem 2: After restart, the shell does not work properly. I’m a rookie. I don’t know what happened. :rofl: The same for remote servers.

The stable branch ended up not stable in the last few days, please can you snap refresh lxdmosaic.

The version the version your running is almost definitely broken :see_no_evil:

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