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(Turtle0x1) #1


Sorry for the repost, I want to distance from the name LxdManager as its no longer associated with me because I was silly and didn’t buy the domain name (doh!)

Anyway because somebody bought the domain name it stirred me into action so I have made some general improvements to the UI as seen by the screenshots seen below,

I have also got my “serverless” implementation working but isn’t up on Github yet, hopefully Ill release before my “real” work load begins to spike again,

Anyway here are some screenshots and the repository is here LxdMosaic, any comments or issues just add them into the issues system



Container view

Container settings

Image Import From LinuxContainers.org

Project view

(Turtle0x1) #2

Can now access the container terminal through xterm.js

(Turtle0x1) #3

Just pushed a fix that should stop needless sockets being opened and not closed & the front end not updating correctly!

(Turtle0x1) #4

Added support for all available instance types supported by lxd on create container

(Stéphane Graber) #5

Cool, are you directly pulling the same YAML files that we are?

(Turtle0x1) #6

yeah, although i did store them in the db as the repository doesnt seem to accept pr requests that often!

(Stéphane Graber) #7

Yeah, Dustin doesn’t appear to be updating those definitions very often.
LXD is configured to check every 24h and update if we find any changes, in our case we’re keeping them stored as YAML on disk I believe.