MAC address and DHCP

i have no static IP addresses on the wifi LAN here and the netadmin suggested that for containers needing more IPs (in RFC1918 space) that i use fake MAC addresses incremented from my real one, and do DHCP (as i do. now, to get one IP). i really don’t anticipate needing more IPs but i want to try one to be sure it works. does the image do DHCP by default or do i need to set it up? Ubuntu just did it by default and i am more likely to use my chroot trees in containers.

Yes, LXC and LXD both DHCP by default. If you need a public IP, you would first need to setup a bridge of your network connection as otherwise containers will normally be on a isolated bridge with a local (non-routed) subnet.

can i choose the IP network address for that isolated local (non-routed) subnet? i want to avoid RFC1918 addresses in some cases and use the same addresses as i have in AWS in some other cases (tunneled into AWS with openvpn).

Yes, you can, lxd init asks you about them and this can also be configured/changed with lxc network.