Macvlan network

I create a macvlan how to add macvlan to running lxd?

lxc profile show macvlan
config: {}
description: “”
nictype: macvlan
parent: eth0
type: nic
name: macvlan
used_by: []

i say:

lxc profile assign mycontainer default,macvlan

and restart my container. Then no ip
route on lxd is

# route
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface

macvlan doesn’t work in all cases. If you’re running LXD inside a VM, there is a good chance it won’t work, some hardware switches also similarly prevent multiple MAC addresses on one port.

what should i do. i try bridged . it’s not make ip.
What is in linode hosting completely difficult . not to do any thing .

If you are trying to use macvlan on Linode (or any other VPS provider), you would need to first get (pay for) an extra public IP address. That is, if you use macvlan on your LXD server on your LAN, then the containers will get an IP address from the LAN. If you use macvlan on your LXD server on your VPS, then the containers will get a public IP address.

yes agree. i ask for extra ipv4. they said:
"Could you provide further explanation as to why the additional address is needed please? "
i just know what the result should be.
They can maybe give a ipv6. I don’t know how to use ipv6 as macvlan.

If you want to create many websites, then only one public IP address is OK. You create a reverse-proxy in a container, then each website is in a separate container.
It is easier if you manage to simplify your setup so that a single public IP on the VPS is sufficient for your work.

Yes. i think you are right. I have 100 ubuntu with 2 website each. i want to 4 host with each 10 container for developer same for test and 2 x 10 for production.
is it easy to create bridge on ipv6? i don’t think i can get even 1 ipv4.

See here on how to use nginx as a reverse proxy and host many many websites on a single server with LXD.

There are private bridges and public bridges. The default LXD configuration is with a private bridge, and by default you get IPv4 and IPv6 support.
Go through the tutorial at to become familiar with the setup and I believe it will solve your questions.

not exactly. developer should be login to that lxd and they can’t login to bridged address .