Make it possible to store images and backups on a storage pool


I am looking for a nice solution to move my personal images to another volume.

My mistake (or maybe not) is to set a small partition for the default mount point (/) on my linux server and allocate all the free space available to a zfs volume used for lxd containers.

I found this issue which talks about 2 options:

  • storage.images_volume
  • storage.backups_volume

But I didn’t find out how to set it up.
Can someone tell me what should I do to move all images to another (zfs) volume in order to keep free space on my default root partition?


That’s because it’s an, err, issue. An issue is not documentation, that’s something that should eventually be solved; if an issue is leading to a new feature, usually it’s closed.
So you could not set up a capability that does not (yet) exist, as shown by the fact that the issue is still open.

Assuming you use LXD (and not plain LXC), a way could be to setup another LXD server on another computer and copy directly to this temporary server, restructure your main computer storage and copy everything back once it’s done.

Oups, you are right. Sorry for that :slight_smile:
So, I’ll find another way
thank you anyway