Migration.104325737 folder left after aborted copy


Looking at my storage-pools/default/containers directory, I discovered that, after a container copy which aborted a while ago (lxc copy), I have an orphan “migration.104325737” folder left in that directory. This orphan pseudo-container is not visible when doing a “lxc list” or a “lxc info myContainer”.

Can I remove it with a simple rm or is there special lxc command to issue?

I’m running LXD 4.7 as snap under Debian Buster

What storage backend is your default pool using?

My apologies, I didn’t see your answer.
All my pools are running on btrfs

Ok, looked at the code and that directory is created when sending or receiving a volume to another btrfs system (local or remote). We have a deferred action to remove it, so it’s certainly safe to delete. Try a simple rm, if this doesn’t work, I’ll figure out the longer btrfs command to do it.

Thank you. That worked with a “btrfs subvol delete”.

For anyone facing that case:
When using BTRFS as storage backend, lxd containers are stored as BTRFS subvolume, so a simple “rm -R” command will return the error “filesystem readonly”. Instead, I had to do a btrfs subvol delete migration.104325737/.migration-send, and then a rmdir migration.104325737.