Mint template creation?

I was looking through the list of images available and was wondering why there was no image templates for Mint (18.3 current). As they’re provided from the community, can someone tell me how easy it would be do create if required or the reasoning behind it being omitted,


My understanding was that Mint was mostly meant as a desktop distro rather than server so it didn’t make a lot of sense to invest in generating images for it. If you want to see Mint images generated, the best would be to contribute code for it to distrobuilder as that’s what we’re moving all our image generation onto.

If you are interested in creating a Mint image with distrobuilder,
you can get it to run in a LXD container like this,

thanks Stephane, I will look into this going forward

Thanks for push in the right direction Simos! :grin: I will get back to you should I have any further questions

Is there any documentation on distrobuilder?

The examples are suggestive but certainly not definitive IMO


Still a work in progress. Our current goal is to start transitioning our own image building ( over to it so we can deal with any missing bits and shortcomings.

Once it satisfies our requirements (which are pretty static and limited), we’ll be ready for it to be more widely used and should make sure that everything that it supports is properly documented.

Don’t hesitate to ask @monstermunchkin about anything you’re wondering though, I’m sure he’ll happily answer any question you have and track anything that’s missing in distrobuilder.