Mount host dir inside container - permissions?

Running 3.02 on Ubuntu 18.04.
I want to share my storage volume with the container, so after some reading I found,
lxc config device add … … disk source= path=
But that mounts it as nouser and nogroup, so the root user cant write/read to it.
Thought Aahhh nfs, root cant mout bummer. Tried creating another user failed.
Found lots of strange script to fix this. All I want is to have access to a share inside the container.

Search engine is your friend:
Custom user mappings in LXD containers
If security is not your concern you can disable the unprivileged mode by setting “security.privileged: true” to run container’s processes with the same uids as the lxd host.

Ofc it is.

This case is internally on my server so security is not an issue.