Mount Point - None

If we copy container from one node to another ,the mount point showing none .

zfs list

zpool 306G 818G 24K /data/zpool
zpool/default 306G 818G 24K none
zpool/default/containers 306G 818G 24K none
zpool/default/containers/CJava 1.37G 818G 1.37G none
zpool/default/containers/Java 11.5G 818G 10.8G none
zpool/default/containers/adminweb 16.1G 818G 16.0G /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/default/containers/adminweb

But in some case the mount point is appearing correctly .

Kindly let me know reason for the same.

Likely just zfs internals differing for clone vs receive, it doesn’t really matter as LXD never keeps those mounted and mounts on them at startup time.

Thank you for your information !