Mount proc, sys and root for metrics

What’s the best way to mount the host proc, sys and root filesystems for metrics gathering? I want to run Node exporter for Prometheus monitoring but I want it inside a container.

I currently have the following profile:

$ lxc profile show host-metrics 
config: {}
description: ""
    path: /mnt/host/proc
    readonly: "true"
    source: /proc
    type: disk
    path: /mnt/host/rootfs
    readonly: "true"
    source: /
    type: disk
    path: /mnt/host/sys
    readonly: "true"
    source: /sys
    type: disk
name: host-metrics
- /1.0/instances/docker

On Node exporter’s github page, they mount root with rslave, but when I tried to add propagation=rslave into the device’s configuration, the container would hot mount, but would fail to start or reboot.

Is there a better or recommended way for exposing the host’s resources inside a container?