Multi-user LXD setup on Debian 12

Hi all!

Installed LXD on Debian 12 using Apt and accordingly the snap command is not available

What is the command equivalent to this

snap set lxd


It would have to be a separate optional systemd service + systemd socket definition.
I don’t know if the native Debian package ships with something to that effect.

So this feature only works in snap?

What about installing from source or installing on Alpine Linux?

Is there an instruction on how to use the function (“Multi-user” without snap?


It doesn’t require the snap but it requires packaging work to function.
That packaging work was done for the snap, other distros, it’s up to their individual packagers.

When built from source, you can run the lxd-user binary manually by hand in a similar way you’d run the lxd binary by hand in that scenario.

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Debian packaging defaults to using the lxd group. If you want to change that, you can modify lxd.{service,socket} or /etc/init.d/lxd depending on what init system you’re using.

At the moment there’s nothing like /etc/default/lxd for adjusting the group used; if you would find that useful, please open a request in the Debian BTS.

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Thanks for the info!