New LXD Cluster on Ubuntu - error running sudo lxd init

I ran lxd init on the first node, it went well. I have that first node added to MAAS 3.1 and it shows up as a cluster. When I try to add a second node, I get this error:

Error: Failed to join cluster: Failed request to add member: Missing network “lxdbr0” in project “default”

Here’s the output from lxc project show default

~$ lxc project show default
features.images: “true”
features.networks: “true”
features.profiles: “true” “true”
description: Default LXD project
name: default

  • /1.0/profiles/default
  • /1.0/networks/lxdbr0

As you can see, lxdbr0 is right there. I’m confused. is there a guide specifically for maas 3.1 and lxd 4?

Can you make sure that you have the exact same LXD version on all servers?
And if you do, what’s the lxc network list output on the functional one?