Newbie questions regarding starting multiple lxc containers and ansible

Hi all,

I’m sorry for the dumb question, I’m quite new to lXC/LXD.

I was wondering what would be the most optimal way to start a single container with everything installed on it.

So far I’ve been using Ansible to automate my deployment and I’ve been using an inventory file to mention the containers there, afterwards, a playbook is making all the changes - install, copy, users, directories etc.

I’m curious if I want to start a new container with the deployment already done what would be the best way?

For example if I make a snapshot of the already created and running instances and start a new one with a different name?

What can I do to manage that new container in ansible, other than adding it manually to the inventory file?



You can create a new container image from an existing container, and use that container image to launch new containers. See lxc publish.