No merged usr with download template and Debian

I noticed that if I lxc-create with the download template and select Debian buster/bullseye amd64, the resulting containers are no-merged-usr. Is this intentional? I thought the prepared images were using debootstrap and minbase which is supposed to result in a merged-usr. Anyone else seeing this?

Amy thoughts @monstermunchkin ?

This is not intentional. The output from distrobuilder also shows that it’s merged. However, I’m seeing the same issue as @lxcusr5678 in the container.

I’ll need to investigate this further.

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@stgraber How come the lxc images from distrobuilder and the image server differ?

No idea, we don’t do any repacking from what we extract from the Jenkins job…

Actually, this is a problem with our build container.

When I first tested this, I used a build container based on Ubuntu Impish. There, it worked fine. What we (and Jenkins) use is actually an container based on Ubuntu Bionic. This creates the incorrect rootfs. I now need to check what exactly the issue is.

Found the issue.

Our bionic-based build container uses debootstrap version 1.0.95ubuntu0.9. Merged /usr is disabled by default in this version.

Newer versions of debootstrap have merged /usr enabled by default.

What I think we’ll be doing is enable it for the distros/releases which have switched to it. This will probably exclude some older releases.

Nice find and fix. Thanks all.