No RISC-V images for LXD

Today I installed LXD on VisionFive which running with Dual RISC-V processors

after I installed it, I start snapcraft build for my personal project then error message this appear

then I browse and didn’t find any image will work for RISC-V :frowning:

Did you try using the official ubuntu images?

lxc launch ubuntu:focal u24?


Right, we currently don’t have riscv64 build capacity on the community image server ( but there should be riscv64 builds on the official Ubuntu image server as that team does have capacity.

Looking at lxc image list ubuntu: arch=riscv64, there are no images for 20.04.

You only have 21.10 at the moment, so lxc launch ubuntu:21.10 u should work.

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I found Ubuntu 21.10 only which I cannot use it for snapcraft

Ah, that’s annoying. Can you use 22.04? That one should be available on ubuntu-daily:22.04

The issue, how I configure snapcraft to specific image, I think I cannot

I will until 22.04 release