Not able to delete storage volume


I’m not able to delete the storage volume and is showing the error

root@cpu-xxx:~# lxc storage volume delete default vmxxxx
error: Failed to get ZFS config: cannot open 'default/custom/vmxxxx': dataset does not exist

I tried to stop/start the lxd and also restart the server but the issue persist. Could you please help me with this issue.

Thank you


I changed the category of this post from LXC to LXD.

Can you show the relevant output of lxc storage volume list default and sudo zfs list?

Looks like that particular storage volume already doesn’t exist on ZFS but LXD still knows about it somehow?

sudo zfs list -t all will help confirm that, if that’s indeed the case, the easiest way out would be to just manually create a dataset through ZFS, then delete it again through LXD which should fix the inconsistency.