Opinion: lxd init is awesome, providing instructions for manual setup could be even better

Just my personal opinion,

lxd init is awesome, very helpful the first few times you install LXD for testing; but once you have done that and you start to deal with more complex, real-life scenarios, having lxd init as the only documented entry point becomes more of a limitation than a solution.

My suggestion would be to provide some guides on how to manually configure every requirement, it would allow for a deeper understanding of how everything works and provide tools and knowledge to every newcomer and to experienced users alike.

My bet is over 30% of help requests are related to some problem when setting the server(s) up. Having a manual setup guide could mean huge savings in time for the developers and maintainers and could potentially give the keys to answering newbie questions to most people around here, hence distributing the load of giving support among all of us and freeing valuable time for the core team to solve the harder issues.

What’s your opinion?