Partitioning for LXD-Server

Hi. I want to switch from openvz6 to lxd, because it is not supported anymore.

I have a server with 2 HDDs, that I’d like to use in software raid config.

I am not quite sure how to process. Ubuntu-installer supports mdraids by default, but not ZFS / BTRFS.
I read that booting either ZFS / BTRFS can cause problems and I would like to have a rather simple setup, where people can handle errors.

My idea was to create system partitions in a “normal” linux software-raid configuration so that the system will boot in case of single disk failure and than further partitions as ZFS or BTRFS pools.
Anybody with a better idea?

Ubuntu 20.04 (coming out in April) supports experimentally the ability to boot from ZFS. It is not for production yet. There is also this,

If you can add an extra disk to the server to be used for the operating system, then you can dedicate the two HDDs with ZFS for the needs of LXD.

Hmm “experimentally” doesn’t sound like something I need.
Can I configure a server with a “normal” software-raid and leave free space for a ZFS pool on the same drives or is this causing problems?
I want to make sure to have a situation with a booting system and datacenter-staff beeing able to fix issues when one hard drive fails…
Adding extra drives is not an option.

Yep, it’s perfectly fine to have software raid for / and swap on each drive and leave a chunk of space to turn into a zpool. You just don’t want to put ZFS itself on top of software raid.