Passing raw.qemu to a ruuning instance

How can I put or patch raw.qemu to a running instance?
One way is stopping the instance, changing the values, but desirable would be passing new values which take effect after a restart.
How to achieve that?

VMs are currently in a bit of an odd spot where they’re not quite at parity with containers for config, so we have that check which causes an actual config update failure when updating things that can’t be live updated.

As the gap on live-updatable keys is shrinking, we should be able to drop that check in the near future, possibly in LXD 5.0.

Until then, one workaround would be to use a profile for such keys as profiles can be modified even if some of their instances refuse the change.

Thanks, that would be a possibility to put global values in profile which applies to all, attached to that profile .

But instance specific values, scheduled for next reboot, could be injected through metadata maybe?
Trigger: when: - start

thanks for the awesome information.