Profile for Content Interface Bind Mounts


I am trying to connect the socket-directory content interface between two snaps inside of a lxd container and having some issues with the snapped process not starting following the connecting of the the content interface. I have a feeling I need to set some lxd profile config, but not exactly sure what. I found this, but lxc no longer accepts this config. Can someone help me understand what I need to do to my profile in order to get the bind mount content interface socket-directory to work correctly inside of a lxd/lxc container?

Thank you!


Can you provide an example with some sample snaps on what you are trying to achieve?

@simos I am trying to connect this content interface socket-directory plug to this content interface socket-directory slot.

Connecting these snap interfaces allows the slurmdbd snap to access the socket of the munged process in the munge snap.

Content interface: docs


Are you getting an error from snapd, if so, what?
Also, can you look at dmesg for any mount denials coming from apparmor?