Proxy device UDP support in 3.0.x

I just saw 3.0.2 made it to xenial-backports and proceeded to uprgade. That was a nice start to the weekend.

I see that proxy devices are still not supporting UDP. When will this feature be backported to 3.0.x branch?

Never. 3.0.x only gets bugfixes and security updates, you need to switch to a new major release to get new features.

I see. So is there an LTS release with this feature? Because as far as I understand 3.x are not LTS.

There are two LTS versions of LXD, 2.0.x and 3.0.x.
LXD 3.x (where x > 0) is not an LTS version.

The next LTS should be LXD 4.0.x, to be released in April 2020 along with Ubuntu 20.04.

Considering that 18.10 has only a snap package of LXD, there are strong signals to take the plunge to move towards the snap. :slight_smile:

Yeah, though even with the snap, the intent is for 20.04 to ship with the LXD 4.0 track as default, so we don’t have our Ubuntu LTS users getting surprise monthly feature releases of LXD :slight_smile: