Publish a virtual-machine

Hello expert
i try to take a backup of my incus vitual-machine.
1 - I take a snapshot of my virtual-machine in incus. OK
2 - I try to publish with command:
incus publish min11/min11_10_07_24 --alias min11-0724
Error: Failed getting disk path: Could not locate a zvol for default/virtual-machines/min11.block@snapshot-min11_10_07_24
in my zvol i have:
ls -l /dev/zvol/default/virtual-machines/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 Jul 10 09:43 min11.block → …/…/…/zd0
what is wrong?

problem was solved. i start virtual-machine and take snapshot and take image and export images.
if virtual machine is down it’s not working. is that normal?

Looks like a bug, it should work with the VM stopped, especially when dealing with a snapshot.

Can you file an issue at GitHub - lxc/incus: Powerful system container and virtual machine manager ?

It’s not a bug. i can’t reproduce this error.
I think i was in some customer vpn then it not able to create a link in
/dev/zvol/default/virtual-machines. When i start it then i need to disconnect from vpn and it working. Then it’s my connection to some vpn.
Thank you.