Query regarding lxc Licence use

If we run Android or Linux OS inside container, Will LXC’s “GNU LGPLv2.1+ license” have any impact on distribution of source code of Android/linux ?
Do we need to distribute our customized OS (Android/Linux)’ s source code in that case ?


I cannot think of a case where you would need to release the source code of your container image due to licensing requirements of LXC/LXD. Your container and LXC/LXD are separate, just like VirtualBox and VM images are separate.

I have in mind that you will likely offer a Linux distribution with LXD pre-installed, which will have pre-added the remote of the repository of your container image. As in

lxc remote add myremote https://images.myandroidcorp.com

Note that Anbox does something similar with Android over LXC, https://github.com/anbox/anbox/blob/master/README.md

No, you don’t. The only case where the license is going to matter is if you fork the LXC codebase or write software which links against liblxc (though even in that case, the LGPL actually doesn’t restrict you much at all).