Recommendation for setting up a home LXD lab cluster that runs microk8s

I have these spare hardware components and would like to setup an lxd cluster:

  1. 10 raspberry pi 4 ’s (4 and 8GB ram)with ubuntu 22.01 with ssd storage
  2. a stronger mini PC 16GB Ram AMD Ryzen 5
  3. a opnsense router with dhcp enabled and an address range
  4. a managed switch.

So the raspberry pi’s are connected to the switch which is connected to the router which is on my home-network

My idea is to configure an lxd cluster with a “physical network” and “directory storage”.

I was considering zfs but zfs seems to be too resource hungry for raspberry pi’s. Also a raspberry pi might often be crashed by cutting the power. I think this is not ideal for zfs and friends. I am hopping that by providing a ssd partition to directory storage will have reasonable performance. I won#t be creating vm’s and containers often.

I want to use a physical network since I think this could be the simplest and most performant solution.
That way I can also use the open sense admin UI to check the network. And I have a separation between the microk8 software overlay network and the LXD physical network.

Are my thoughts correct? Or would you recommend another network and storage configuration? Especially I am not sure if a lxd bridged network would have advantages?

I guess the question is too general and would take too much time for somebody to answer thoroughly?!

i will just learn the right setup by trying out (-: