Remove ZFS and adding BRTFS in default profile

My default profile during lxd init was created with option : zfs

I want now to remove zfs and now change it to bfrts.
I have created an storage pool with lxc storage create NAME btrfs
But how to attach it to my default / or any new profile?


The default profile does not know about the specifics of ZFS or btrfs.
When you lxd init, there is this wizard that guides you to create a storage pool.
It suggests to use ZFS, if possible.

So, what you do is

  1. Show us the output of lxc storage list to verify your two storage pools.
  2. Both storage pools are active, and you can even move containers from one storage pool to another. Use a command like lxc move --storage newstorage to move them.
  3. Use lxc profile edit default to switch to the new storage pool as the default storage pool.
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