Removing Orphaned OVN Networks

Hello LXD Family!

I got my self in a bit of a mess. I lost my underlying OVN cluster somehow and couldn’t get it back. So I resorted to recreating it… Now the problem is I want to recreate some of the same networks I have in my projects…but LXD expects those old things to be there and they are not… Is there anyway I can remove all my dependencies of my networks. I get router not found because it’s not…

Error: Failed deleting peer: Failed deleting OVN network peering: Failed getting static routes for local peer router "lxd-net15-lr": Failed to run: ovn-nbctl --timeout=10 --db tcp:,tcp:,tcp: --wait=sb lr-route-list lxd-net15-lr: exit status 1 (ovn-nbctl: lxd-net15-lr: router name not found)

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I figured this one out. I went into the global database and delete the peer links and was able to successfully remove and recreate the network I was trying.

For future reference.

I dumped the scheme by lxd sql global .schema > schema and searched for what I was looking for. In my case it was peers.

I found the table name and then used lxd sql global 'DELETE FROM networks_peers where name ={name of the peer network} . Which delete the peers and then I was able to delete the network and re-create it.


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