Request / Idea: Ingress routing commands

Don’t know if there’s a special forum/thread for ideas and requests, hope it is OK to drop it here. (If not, please point me to the right place).

If you have a very dynamic environment which is not automated, like a development server, It’s a bit cumbersome to have to continuously add and remove lxd proxy devices from containers and keep control of what’s going on…

A few commands in the simple UFW style would go a long way…

  • lxdrouter status: Lists existing proxy devices.

  • lxdrouter add$hport $container $cport: Adds a new proxy device routing $hport in the host to $cport in the $container with name $name

  • lxdrouter rm $name: Deletes proxy device with name $name

Is there a centralized public (not my own GitHub) place where to submit bash scripts for LXD server admins?