Run with the full speed of ext4 on ext4 possible?

Hi @stgraber, thank you for your continued developement of this project!

I buy large KVM VPS and want to (mis)use linux containers to limit one client to a certain amount of resources, like CPUs and Memory. It is possible to reformat the VPS through a rescue system but the underlaying storage system seems to become slow when trying to run ZFS or btrfs so I have to stick with ext4. Also reformatting takes a huge amount of time and sometimes scrambles the virtual disks so one partition all ext4 is what I have to use.

Is there a way to run LXCs on ext4 directories without them slowing down?
Are project quotas introduced in kernel 4.4 leveraged for storage limitations?

Or am I misunderstanding this and only the copy-on-write features will be very slow but the container itself will be as fast as on the VM itself?

Container creation will be slow and snapshots will be extremely slow, the rest should be fine performance wise.

We do support project quotas but they must be enabled at the ext4 level ahead of time (which requires the filesystem to be unmounted so will likely need you to go to recovery mode to set that up).

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Thank you so much Stephane!