Setup question - - native installation after having used a snap installation

At present I’ve got a running working lxd which is lxd on snapd running on debian stretch.
As I understand it I can now install lxd natively on debian (IIRC on stretch or maybe its buster (10)).

If I try to install lxd natively does that mess up everything?
(Do I need to not only stop the containers but uninstall snapd first? I think I’m asking what a good process is to install lxd natively after its been used as a snapd installed item.)

Any gotcha’s?


Looking at the Debian archive right now, there still aren’t any native packages, so I’m not sure where you’d be getting those.

There is also no migration path from snap to deb, so you’d most likely have to delete all containers and images, then remove the snap and the install the LXD deb before recreating all your containers.

Was going to follow these instructions:
so its not technically a native install but its not using snapd.

AIUI all the parts of software (go language stuff) have been setup and whatevered so that it ‘should’ be possible.

(Sorry - - - I just seriously want rid of snapd - - - like totally!!)

Yeah, so you can indeed build it from source using those instructions, the same comment about migration from snap to non-snap still apply though.

You could move /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd to /var/lib/lxd, but you’ll end up with a number of DB objects pointing to paths that no longer exist, leading to entertaining bugs.

OK - - - thanks for the tips. I will work on this and then report when either there are issues or solutions.

Do appreciate you and your team’s diligence. Your system is head and shoulders above the others I’ve been forced to interact with for responsiveness and ‘fixes’. Love to give you’ll at least an attaboy for that!!