Some question about lxd cluster db


I configured 4 node lxd clustering.
The database holds only 3 nodes.

  1. For lxd clusters, if the cluster is more than 3 nodes regardless of the number of hosts, does the database keep only 3 nodes?

  2. If shut down node 3 in the figure below, can i take over the database of node 3 to node 4?


  1. Yes, there will be at most 3 voting database nodes.

  2. If you shut down node 3 (lxd03) gracefully (e.g. with lxd shutdown or systemctl stop snap.lxd.daemon) then node 4 (lxd04) will automatically become a database node and node 3 will step back to be a non-database node.

Thank you. freeekanayaka

I checked the DB take over you said.
Also, it was confirmed that even if lxd03 survives, the DB does not move back from lxd04 to lxd03.

When there are 10 nodes in the lxd cluster, when the node having the DB shuts down normally, is it possible for the user to specify the node that the db takes over?

No, at the moment it’s not possible to specify which non-database node gets promoted when another database node shuts down normally.

Thank you very much. Freeekanayaka.