Some remote images do not have aliases

When I list all the images in the remote image repository, there are many images that do not have aliases:

$ lxc image list images: -f csv -c lfd
,d3eae04e4fa7,Voidlinux current armhf (20221212_17:12)
,d3fc7ba37fe1,Mint uma amd64 (20221212_08:51)
,d4a44d245c39,Centos 7 amd64 (20221213_08:35)
,d4b5bffce038,Ubuntu jammy ppc64el (20221210_07:57)
,d4ed58ec8194,Alt p10 arm64 (20221212_01:18)
,d4f485d5a878,Fedora 37 arm64 (20221212_22:38)
,d5a4dd5ef858,Rockylinux 9 arm64 (20221214_02:07)
,d5de206652f1,Alt p9 ppc64el (20221212_01:55)
,d5eaa4439673,Mint tara amd64 (20221214_08:51)
,d5fc0643550b,Centos 7 armhf (20221214_07:08)
,d5ff04dd4f57,Ubuntu focal arm64 (20221213_07:43)

What are these for? How do I launch them?

Hi @pajot, you can use those images as well, but I dont know why they dont have aliase names. You can launch like the other images with hash number.
lxc launch images:fe333b7f5d06 <container_name>

They don’t have aliases because they’re just cached entries. Aliases are something that we want the LXD users to be in control of.

If you want to mirror a particular image including its aliases, you can do lxc image copy images:XYZ local: --copy-aliases --refresh or something like that.

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