Split download part when running "lxc launch ubuntu-daily:focal test"


is there a way to do the command

lxc launch ubuntu-daily:focal test

in 2 commands?

  1. download the ubuntu-daily:focal image
  2. then launch (and use the downloaded image)

You can use lxc init to create the instance (downloading the image), but not start it?

It would help to understand why you are trying to achieve this?

We have some tests for this and in some public cloud regions, the download times out.
But using lxc init sounds good. Thanks!

You could also do:

  • lxc image copy ubuntu-daily:focal local: --auto-update
  • lxc launch ubuntu-daily:focal test

The first will just transfer the image and mark it for auto-update (as normally happens during launch), then launch will just use that image.

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