Storage buckets on ArchLinux gives error


just updated my LXD to 5.6 and I am trying to create Minio storage bucket. Not sure if anything special is needed on non-snap versions of LXD but I am getting following error:

[amar@stor1 ~]$ lxc storage bucket create default tst
Error: Failed creating storage bucket: Failed connecting to bucket: context canceled

Any ideas on how can I solve this ?


Please can you look at the LXD logs, and check whether it can find and start minio (did you install minio?).

Sorry, just realized that minio could be/is part of Snap (?) and I did not install it. This ofcourse could be why error in my case.

Where does LXD expect to find minio binary ?

It looks in PATH

Yep, that was the issue. Now all seems to be OK. Thanks

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Hmm, I’d expect a better error if minio is missing though.

Additionaly, am I expected to see Minio login panel when I open https://core.storage_buckets_address:port/bucket ?

Because I can only see this

No, the fact that we’re using minio is an implementation detail here.

What we actually offer is an S3 compatible API which can be used with the like of s3cmd or any application used to storing and fetching data from S3 buckets.

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Got it, thanks :+1:

There’s a better error in the logs. The api request fails due to timing out connection due to minio not starting. I’ll see if I can improve the error but it was somewhat decoupled internally.

Yes its purposefully disabled.

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Additional question: is it possible to somehow add “proper” SSL certificate and/or domain to S3 endpoint ? So instead https://my.ip.addr:port to have something with domain and proper SSL cert ? Some clients that do not have “clear” way of ignoring SSL/TLS check would benefit from this.


Not at this time. The objects listener uses the same certificate as the LXD API.

You could log an issue here Issues · lxc/lxd · GitHub to discuss it.

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