Strange lxc-copy behaviour


I’m trying to copy a container using lxc-copy and I get strange error:

sudo lxc-copy -l DEBUG -n digit-cs7 -N nagios
lxc-copy: digit-cs7: storage/storage.c: storage_copy: 348 Original rootfs path "/var/lib/lxc/digit-devel-cs7/rootfs" does not include container name "digit-cs7"
lxc-copy: digit-cs7: lxccontainer.c: copy_storage: 3606 Error copying storage.
lxc-copy: digit-cs7: tools/lxc_copy.c: do_clone: 374 Failed to clone

Yes I have another container, named digit-devel-cs7, but I’m trying to copy a different container, digit-cs7! Why it tries to refer to digit-devel-cs7?

The only relationship between these two containers is that digit-devel-cs7 was created from digit-cs7 using lxc-copy.

lxc-copy version is 3.1.0-devel (compiled from git master branch on centos7)