Strategy for lxd ipv6 setup per container

Hi together,

I wonder what’s the strategy/setup of having a public ipv6 address per container. My hoster assigned my a /56 subnet for my dedicated server, but I’m a little bit unsure how to setup lxd in order to have a static public ipv6 address per container which is available without natting.

I’d love hear your suggestions.


Usually you’d just carve out a /64 from your /56 and set that as the subnet for you bridge, using <subnet>::1/64 as the ipv6.address value for the network.

So if your /56 is 2001:470:4242:1000::/56 then you could use 2001:470:4242:1042::1/64 as the ipv6.address value for your bridge, which will then have LXD’s dnsmasq send router advertisements to your containers and causing them to grab one of the public IPv6 addresses (typically using the EUI64 SLAAC assignment method).

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Thanks. In the end it was quite easy to setup!