"too many arguments" when creating virtual machine


Currently using LXD 4.7 on Alpine Linux 3.12.1. I have ZFS zfs-0.8.4. I wanted to create a virtual machine, in this case Debian 10.

This is the error I got:

sudo lxc launch images:debian/10 debian2 --vm
Creating debian2
Error: Failed instance creation: Create instance from image: Failed to run: zfs clone ZPOOL/lxd_storage/images/9140b9af1b7ddd5201939175579891a63ca962ff939c9dd4d1e9f7b19b741ea0.block@readonly ZPOOL/lxd_storage/virtual-machines/debian2.block -o volmode=none: too many arguments
	clone [-p] [-o property=value] ... <snapshot> <filesystem|volume>

For the property list, run: zfs set|get

For the delegated permission list, run: zfs allow|unallow

I made sure to install zfs-udev which was needed for zvol_id and qemu-img.

I’m wondering what else I should do to solve this.

It’s an argument ordering issue on some distributions. I’ll send a fix for LXD.

Thanks, I’ll make sure downstream gets this patch.

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