Trouble Starting container after upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.18

Hello, I setup an Ubuntu 16.04 container on a host running Ubuntu 16.04 using the snap version of lxd 3.0.4. Everything was working great, so I upgraded the host to Ubuntu 19.10.

Then I was having trouble with some SYS_NICE permission issues, and I read something about newer versions of lxd maintaining all capabilities, so I decided to upgrade with:

snap refresh lxd --channel=latest/stable

Now when I try and start my container, I get this:

lxc start my-container
Error: Common start logic: Failed to start device 'X0': remove /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/devices/ur-e-sim/disk.X0.tmp-.X11-unix-X0: device or resource busy

I’m new to LXC and LXD, so any advice would be appreciated.

how is it possible since snap updates itself ? do you mean ‘apt’ version instead ? If yes, you have to uninstall the apt lxc client.

The official LXD documentation tell you install via:

snap install lxd --channel=3.0/stable

That pins you on 3.0.x versions. When I realized that, I did (as I said above) to get the latest code:

snap refresh lxd --channel=latest/stable

now I have the latest, but my containers have the above problem.

oups, I forgot that. Can you start a new container freshly downloaded from ubuntu: or images: ?

thanks for the help. A reboot fixed whatever was wrong with the container (:man_facepalming:) but I still have the capabilities problem, I’ll create another thread for that.