Unable to download packages or ping from within LXD container

Hi everyone,

I am observing a strange behaviour at times on some systems.

I am able to ping google.com or download packages using apt or pip. But on the same system I have a bridge type network attached to lxd container and inside the container when I try to ping google or download any packages, the request just gets timed out.

The only solution I have for this right now is to restart the lxd daemon by running these commands:

sudo systemctl stop snap.lxd.daemon
sudo systemctl start snap.lxd.daemon

Could you please recommend any other way then restarting the lxd daemon to resolve this in future?

I tried creating and attaching a new bridge to the same lxd container but it didn’t help either.

The next time it happens please show output of ip a and ip r on the LXD host and inside the instance.