Upcoming 3.0.4 release of LXD, LXC and LXCFS

We just finished the cherry-picking effort for all 3 projects and you’ll find the stable-3.0 branches of all 3 are now up to date:

Our plan is to tag a release of all three projects tomorrow afternoon (Friday), any help testing those projects ahead of the release would be much appreciated.

They have all passed our automated CI and we’ve had a number of systems using those stable branches while in development, so we think they’re in pretty good shape, but extra testing would be great.

For LXD users, you can find the current version of the LXD 3.0 branch in the 3.0/edge channel installable with: snap install lxd --channel=3.0/edge

Please report any issue/weirdness you notice as a response here and we’ll take a look.



Will those be LTS releases?

Yes, those are bugfix releases for the 3.0 LTS release.

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Did CPU load average make in into this release of lxcfs ?

Edit: It would appear not how disappointing :frowning_face:

That is a new feature, new features aren’t included in bugfix releases.