US vs UK images sync


I’m little confused about sync US vs UK. For example - Debian Buster have new version on US version - (20200603_05:24) and UK mirror is not sync yet. But when I want to create a new container, LXD know about 20200603_05:24 version and tries to download it. Downloading is redirected to UK mirror, so container creation is failing and in a certain period I can’t create a new container.

Is possible to change sync - synchronize data first and then metadata to avoid this situation?


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I’ve opened an internal ticket with the Canonical sysadmins to have the syncing logic looked at. On the publishing side we’re supposed to be atomic in that we publish everything in a copy of the tree and then flip the entire old tree for the new tree but apparently that’s not quite sufficient and rsync is still sometimes getting an inconsistent view.