Usb passtrough mode, how to avoid host to get ttyACM0


While using usb passtru mode, with a config like:

lxc config device add fxdev tm4c123 usb vendorid=1cbe productid=00fd mode=0666

how can I avoid host system to get /dev/ttyACM0? right now, in the programming mode it works with usb passtrough mode, but however /dev/ttyACM0 gets created in the host computer, and I have to proxy it as unix-char device.

Is there anyway, upon plugging the usb device, host does not process this device, but only the container does?

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The host processes the new device according to the udev rules found in /etc/udev/. You would need to figure out a way to set LXD to handle the device. I do not have a working example. You can start here,

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