VirtualBox, Linux Containers (LXC) and networking


I have a problem that I can’t resolve, not sure VBox is the culprit but hope to contact suitably knowledgable people here…On my testing rig, a Linux box running Arch, I have Linux containers as well as VirtualBox ( guests that I use for various forms of testing. Everything is configured on a bridged network.Right now, I have some test containers running ArchLinux and Ubuntu 1404 and some VirtualBox guests (Windows 7), so I have lots of combinations to test with.You can PING anything from anything and it works; every box can see every other box.However nothing else works between the linux containers and the virtuablox guests; I have tried various tests using ssh and nslookup (one of the containers has a DNS running on it), so I’ve tried UDP and TCP. The host can contact anything and be contacted by anything. Containers can contact each other and VB guests can contact each other also. It’s just the container <> VB guest connection that isn’t working.


Can you put a screenshot of your VirtualBox network settings?
Obviously you do not use the NAT setting, and there are a few alternatives to choose from.