VyOS as conteiner

Hi, in this period i’m trying to learn about LXD, i’m new to container architecture.

I have a question, in this case i want to create a container with Vyos operating system, but how?
When i digit:

lxc images list image

naturally the Vyos like some other Unix like operating system doesn’t appear in this list.
I want to know how i can create a container from a specific O.S.

With VMware or KVM it is enough for me to mount the .iso, i know that LXD/LXC is completely different, in fact i want to know how i can do this.
Sorry for my incorrect english, i’m from Italy.

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To see what images are available from the standard LXD repositories, you can try

lxc image list ubuntu:          # These are the official Ubuntu container images

lxc image list images:          # These are container images for Ubuntu and other distributions

To get the full list of the official container images, see https://us.images.linuxcontainers.org/

Having said that, have a look at the following article,

It describes how to make your own container image and even how to publish it on your own website.

Give it a go and it will be an educational journey! :+1:

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Thank you a lot simos, I will follow your advice and start this journey (:

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Just checking if you were able to import VyOS into LXD?

Any info will be appreciated.